5 Things to Figure Out Before You Build Your First Website

So you’ve got a business or a charity or some entrepreneurship idea that requires a website and you’re not really sure where to start. Welp, no worries because this article is going to tell you everything you need to know BEFORE building your site.

Not only will it give you an insight to the tasks that come along with building a site, but it will also give you a huge advantage in building the best site you wish to build. Keep reading for five great tips you need to know before even going online.

Good Domain Name

First and foremost—before setting up a website, you need a domain name. Whether it’s related to you, your product or your business name is up to you, just make sure it is easily understandable and not too complicated.

If you are searching for domain names and come across one that you enjoy, don’t sit around and think about it, just buy it before someone else does. You must also check the pricing though, of course. Some of the more popular and catchy domain names are priced much higher than others.


Before even designing the website on screen, it is extremely important that you have a predetermined design in mind. Not only will this give you a direction to start in, but it will allow for new ideas to flow easier as you are building it, and essentially allowing more room, and time, for improvement.

You should have an idea about the colors you wish to use, the typography and how the website will flow, along with how many pages there will be. There are countless design techniques and structures possible all depending on the type of site you are building, as well as the product and reason behind it.

Marketing and Message Statement

As soon as someone comes onto your site and the homepage pops up, what is the first thing you want them to think? What are you hoping they do once seeing your site? What is the overall message you are trying to display?

Essentially, this is your market and messaging statement—the overall idea and message you wish to be delivered to your audience. Whether that idea is to then act and buy your product, join your organization or donate to the cause, having an idea of why you’re building the site is essential.

This will help direct how you want to design your site and lay ground for the overall “feel” to it.

Gaining Traffic

Before building a site, it’s a very important to have preconceived ideas about how you plan to get people viewing your site. You could email-blast everyone in your contact list and hope they’re good friends, create a social media account and slowly, but surely, gain traction, or even create business cards with the websites name on them and hand them out.

No matter the method—while some are better than others—it is important that you merely have some planned.

It’s Never-Ending Work

The thing about websites, and technology in general, really, is that it is never 100% complete. Sure, you can have it all picture-perfect and exactly how you like it, but there will always be room for improvements to be made. Whether it is newer layouts and designs, better technology to help with an increase in traffic or merely a new color scheme, websites are constantly being changed and improved to keep the audience interested.

Once you’ve built your site and understand how it all works, you will feel a constant itch to switch things around and see what works best where or what colors grab your attention more…it can actually be a lot of fun!

Here’s some more tips to know before you build your website!