April 2001

ZyWeb Personal

ZyWeb Personal

Are you looking to build your own personal website?

ZyWeb Personal is the ideal solution if you want to publish your own personal or club web page on the Internet. You can publish a high-quality Web Site in minutes and without the need for technical or graphic design skills. With 20MB of Web Space and no limit on the amount of data transferred each month you are sure to create a hit.

The benefits of ZyWeb Personal

As with all of our services, ZyWeb Personal can be accessed from any web browser as often as you like. Just imagine creating your website at home and being able to update it whilst you are on holiday. Pop into a cybercafe, scan in your photos and let the relatives share your experiences immediately!

ZyWeb makes keeping your website fresh and up to date so easy.

What do I get with ZyWeb Personal?

  • The use of our award-winning ZyWeb Builder to create web pages in simple step-by-step stages.
  • A wide range of fully customizable page design templates.
  • Built-in a photo editor, web graphics toolkit and online page builder
  • 5 email addresses with automatic forwarding.
  • A massive 20 Mbytes of web space with no data traffic limits
  • The ability to upload and publish web pages made with other tools.
  • Use of the ZyWeb Filestore to store private files securely
  • Our user-friendly banner ad maker
  • Free submission of your pages to 10 Search Engines and Directories.
  • A Trial of Xara Online Modules which include advanced button bars, moving text and photo animations.
  • Priority email support.

ZyWeb Personal is a very popular service and can be accessed at any time from anywhere there is an Internet-connected web browser such as a computer, web TV or cyber café.

For the just US $7.95/ UK £4.95/ EU €7.45 per month, you can build yourself or your club a professional-looking website. Sign up now and start building today!

Sign up for a year at just US $79.95/ UK £49.95/ EU €74.95 and get 2 months for free.