How To Build Your Own Free Porn Site

There’s a lot of free porn out there. It seems like everyone has their own personal site, and you can find everything from amateur content to professional shoots in the darkest corners of the Internet. So why would anyone pay for it?

The answer is simple: value added services. There are literally thousands of sites on the web that will give you access to thousands of videos for one low monthly price. But what if you don’t want to pay? What if you’ve got your own vision and you think you can make more money by making a better product than those other guys?

That’s where this guide comes in. No matter how much you want to hate me for writing it, I’m going to show you every step you need to take in order to build your own successful adult website. If you follow these steps exactly as they’re outlined here, I guarantee that you’ll be able to have all the hot porn you could ever possibly desire.

So let’s get started!

Step 1 – Pick A Niche

You may be tempted to jump right into building your site, but before we begin you should really consider what kind of niche you’d like your site to focus on. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to try something new, most people find success by sticking to a single topic or theme. You want your site to stand out among the crowd, so stick with your guns when choosing your niche. The best way to do this is to choose a subject area that you’re passionate about. That way you won’t run out of steam halfway through the project.

Some things to keep in mind:

Is this a common fetish? Some fetishes are more popular than others. Keep an eye on trends before selecting your niche. If you pick a niche that isn’t currently very popular, you’re less likely to succeed.

What kind of content is already available? This one’s pretty obvious, but you want to avoid setting yourself up to compete against established players.

How well does my idea fit in with current trends? Are you trying to create a brand new market, or are you just piggybacking off existing popularity?

Check some porn site reviews, like this one for PlusOne8 to get an idea of what people like and dislike about porn sites to validate your idea.

Step 2 – Choose a Domain Name

This is probably the hardest part of building your own porn site, but it’s also arguably the most important. Your domain name needs to be memorable, easy to spell, and unique. Ideally you’d also go for something that sounds sexy, but remember: “sexy” is subjective. And “sexy” is not always synonymous with “easy to remember.”

Here are some tips to help you come up with a great domain name:

Avoid numbers unless it makes sense.

Keep it short.

Think about keywords.

Consider using hyphens.

Try to avoid special characters.

Step 3 – Sign Up For Hosting

OK! Now that you know what you’re doing, it’s time to actually do it. You have many options, but we’ll be talking about WordPress here. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll assume you’re starting from scratch (i.e., no prior knowledge of coding).

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, don’t worry. It’s a free, open-source platform that powers over 25 percent of all websites in existence. It’s highly versatile, extremely powerful, and incredibly easy to use.

First, sign up for a hosting account. Websites live on servers that work together to serve your pages. If you plan on having visitors, then you’ll need to purchase hosting space. WP Engine is a great option for easily setting up your site. The basic plan is $29 per month, which includes 24/7 support via phone and email, automatic backups, and daily malware scans. They even have a handy online demo so you can test drive the system before committing to anything.

Now that you have WordPress hosting, it’s time to start building!

Step 4 – Build Your Site

With WP Engine, you’ll have a blank WordPress site ready to go! You’ll need to set up a plugin to display your videos. TubePress is a great choice here. It’s free, and it will allow you to embed video feeds from major networks like PornHub, RedTube, and YouPorn. Once you get the hang of it, you might want to experiment with different plugins. Remember, you want to keep your site as streamlined and user friendly as possible.

Once you have TubePress installed, you’ll be able to upload your own videos. Make sure you put them in a category called ‘Videos’ so that the content is easy for users to access.

Next, you’ll want to add a few pages to your site. Don’t worry — you can always delete them later if they don’t turn out the way you intended. Here are some ideas for pages you’ll need:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Step 5 – Get Traffic!

While it’s true that you don’t need many visitors to make decent money, having a lot of traffic is never a bad thing. It means that you have a wider audience, which in turn makes you a bigger fish in the ocean.

To bring in traffic, you can do a number of things. First, you can use social media and SEO to get noticed.

For the former, you’ll need to set up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Be sure to link back to your website on each profile.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it refers to the practice of getting your site ranked higher in search engines like Google. You can’t just throw any old content up on your site and expect to rank for certain keywords. Instead, you have to be smart. Use the right keywords in the right places, and you’ll see results.

Finally, there’s PPC advertising. This is a form of paid advertising that allows you to target specific audiences based on their age, gender, location, and a host of other factors. There are a number of platforms available, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook.

Step 6 – Monetize Your Site

The easiest way to make money from your site is to sell ads directly. Sites like PornHub, PlusOne8, and YouPorn get millions of views every day, and they’re able to generate hundreds of dollars per day without so much as lifting a finger. All you’ve gotta do is slap a few banners on your site and wait for the cash to roll in.

But that’s not your only option. You can also sell videos and photos, set up members-only sections, and more.

Step 7 – Stay On Top Of Things

A huge part of running a successful business is staying on top of things. That’s especially true when it comes to managing your website. Here are some things you’ll want to check regularly:

Traffic Reports: Monitor your traffic on a regular basis. This will allow you to identify your most popular content, and use this information to boost your rankings in search engines.

Security: Security is of paramount importance. You don’t want hackers stealing credit card info or screwing up your hard drive. Be sure to install the latest security updates and watch for suspicious activity.

Backups: Backups protect you from losing all your data if something goes wrong. With a good hosting service, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Automation: Automate as much of the process as you can. That way, you’ll have more time to spend on what matters most: creating amazing content and keeping your visitors happy.

Ready To Build Your Porn Site?

Congratulations! By following these steps, you’ve learned how to create your own porn site. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you have nothing to fear.

Just remember to stay focused, avoid common mistakes, and keep your site secure at all times. If you do that, you’ll find yourself swimming in profits in no time. Good luck!

5 Ways to Build Your Own Website for Free

5 Ways to Build Your Own Website for Free

Knowing how to code and build a website from scratch is a valuable skill found few and far between. Companies sometimes pay big bucks to people who possess these skills and the results are usually highly praised.

But websites aren’t limited to big companies with big money who are capable of paying for the skills needed to build them. Thankfully, for the average people like us who have a small business or an idea or some message they wish to share, there are free options for building websites and they do not disappoint at all.

Keep reading to discover five free ways to build your own website.

Wix (.com)

If you’re looking to keep it as simple as possible, yet still have countless customizable design specs, then look no further than Wix.

Wix is a top-notch, perfect-place-to-start, free website builder that makes the simple act of dragging and dropping more powerful than ever. It is built on a “freemium” business model, earning revenue solely from premium memberships that, believe me, come with some premium perks.

Users can create HTML5 websites, as well as mobile sites, all through the simple act of drag-and-drop. No previous coding experience is necessary whatsoever, merely the knowledge of what a computer is and how to navigate around it. I highly, highly recommend starting here when building a website because it is a superb site that offers superb results, for free!

WordPress (.com)

Just like Wix, WordPress is a web template system that allows you to build and customize sites for free. An open-source content management system, WordPress is an Internet hosting service that has become widely used around the world.

With the option to build a .com or .org site—depending on how much work and control you desire to put in—Wordpress has options for all skill levels in regards to building sites.

While most of the other sites give you free rein on how to design your site, does all the work for you. Simply give them a call, pitch your ideas and thoughts about your site and then sit back while they work their magic and create the whole thing for you…for free!

They do offer the option to build the site on your own if that is the route you wish to take and offer pre-designed layouts to work with if you’d like.

Weebly (.com)

Weebly is a web-hosting service that offers a free website builder. It is actually very similar to Wix, in that it is operated by a mere drag-and-drop control and offers a wide variety of modern templates.

With over 40 million users, Weebly is helping people all around the world build not only businesses but also themselves.

Learn HTML & CSS

While this is certainly not the easiest route, it is surely the most fulfilling. If you really wish to build your own website, every single last detail, for free, then learning how to ACTUALLY build it is the best way to go. Sure, learning HTML and CSS can be fun. No, learning HTML and CSS is not easy and yes, it does take a while, but it is an extremely valuable skill that can get a lot more than your own website. There are countless free classes online teaching these two programming languages, so, essentially, it is all up to you to put in the effort.

Sure, learning HTML and CSS can be fun. No, learning HTML and CSS is not easy and yes, it does take a while, but it is an extremely valuable skill that can get a lot more than your own website. There are countless free classes online teaching these two programming languages, so, essentially, it is all up to you putting in the effort.

5 Reasons Why Gay Dating Can Be A Challenge In The 21st Century

5 Reasons Why Gay Dating Can Be A Challenge In The 21st Century

The gay dating world is a never-ending emotional roller coaster, especially in this day and age. Regardless of your age, location and aspirations dating just seems to be impossible nowadays, leaving all of the hot young men dumbfounded when they can’t find anyone to settle down with.

1. Too Many Options:

There are numerous amounts of dating apps out there that you’ve signed up for a full-time job the second it’s successfully downloaded on your phone. It’s almost impossible not to have a million matches once you have a profile going, giving you multiple opportunities to meet much more men than you would have on a daily basis.

If you keep setting up multiple dates with different people, it will be hard to know if you’re settling once you decide to stick with one person because the perfect match and person could just be one swipe away.

2. All About Hooking Up:

Sex has always been a big part of the gay world and dating scene, but there have always been relationships that have formed before hooking up occurs. Nowadays you can download an app just for hooking up, which everyone is on because why not get sexual with someone with no emotional connection on a daily basis?
Seems a lot more convenient than getting attached and going through the motion of the efforts of what a relationship is really all about.

3. Too Judgemental:

Everyone is on their high horse revealing all of their accomplishments and posting every single time they’ve been successful. These unrealistic postings have created even more unrealistic expectations someone demands for their partner whether it be about their looks, careers or location that limiting their dating pool to almost nonexistent.

The more things you have on your checklist, the harder it will be to fall in love with an actual person rather than an ideal perfect man you’ve drawn up in your head.

4. Based On Looks:

Physical attraction is a part of gay dating and the majority of the time the first reason why someone wants to pursue somebody else, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that person has to offer. In the gay dating world, it’s all about fitness and physique, but to this day it’s to the extreme of who can post the most scandalous pictures and show off their body and the most social media platforms.

It’s hard to know if someone likes you if everyone is always focusing on one another’s body and physical appearances instead.

5. Hard To Commit:

It’s almost impossible to get someone to commit to you nowadays when you could be considered cheating with a swipe of your finger. Creating a dating profile is a little too easy and having hundreds of eligible bachelors pop up on your screen every time you have doubts has become second nature. People assume that just because you have problems with one person means you won’t have any with another which is completely false.

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a Friend

Many people now have their own website, whether it is for business, club or home use.

The ZyWeb site builder is so easy that you’ll want to share the experience by recommending us to your friends and family. Many of our customers have already introduced their friends. If you want to introduce a friend then we would like to reward you. In fact, we will also give your friend an introductory incentive.

With ZyWeb you get a reliable website builder provider with excellent levels of customer service that your friends, family and colleagues could also benefit from, so why not tell them about it?

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Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the One Free Month offer, the terms and conditions below must be met:

  • To qualify for this Referral offer you must be a paying member of the ZyWeb service.
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  • There is no alternative to the one month’s credit for use of ZyWeb and the hosting.

ZyWeb Business

ZyWeb Business

Do you want to get your business online and do business online?

ZyWeb Business is designed for those businesses that want to get on the Web but need to control their own website. From our award-winning online page builder with fully customizable templates to a complete and easy e-commerce solution, from the massive 30MB of web space with no limits to the unlimited monthly data traffic, ZyWeb Business contains everything that you need to build and manage your own sites or shopping cart including the hosting and your own domain name.

ZyWeb Business is designed for you to create a truly professional-quality website with – no technical skills required.

ZyWeb Business includes PayPal functions to enable you to e-commerce enable your site. ZyWeb allows you to simply insert PayPal “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons. This enables you to quickly and easily offer items for sale from your website and acquire payment from credit card users around the world. You can also create easy product lists with images to go alongside your e-commerce system with ZyWeb’s Photo Gallery options; selling online has never been easier.

You can see an example of how ZyWeb can present your items for sale click here

ZyWeb Business also includes an Instant Site Creator which allows you to create a complete business website consisting of multiple pages already linked together for you in just seconds. These especially designed business templates are easily extendable and include pages that can be easily copied and added, so if your website needs new product pages you simply copy the existing ones provided.

Benefits of ZyWeb Business

Every business, regardless of how large or small needs to have its website and to be able to take payments online. ZyWeb makes this easy and affordable. We know how important it is for a business to be in control and ZyWeb puts you in the driving seat, at the same time reducing the technical barriers so that anyone in your business can take responsibility for your website. No longer do you need to rely upon another company to manage your website for you.

Your online FileStore can be used to store, access and manage any type of file from any web browser whenever and wherever you like. In addition to your website, it can also store important documents and reports without the need to carry around disks and it’s totally secure.

What do I get with ZyWeb Business?

Here are just some of the features that ZyWeb Business has to offer:

  • Domain Name of your choice
  • Fully automated e-commerce tools
  • Unique Instant Website Creator – build a complete site with a single click
  • A huge 30MB of web space and no monthly traffic limits
  • Built-in a photo editor, web graphics toolkit and online page builder
  • Over 200 fully customizable web page designs to help create your own stunning website
  • A secure and private Filestore for online document storage
  • A Trial of Xara Online Modules which include advanced button bars, moving text and photo animations
  • A full range of banner ad designs for you to customize to your specifications to tell the world about your website
  • The use of 10 email addresses with automatic redirects
  • Create feedback forms and hit counters
  • Talk LIVE to customer support

Get your business on the Web for just US $29.95/ UK £19.95/ €27.95 a month
and put yourself in control. Sign up now and start building today!

Sign up for a year at the just US $299.95/ UK £199.95/ €279.95 and get 2 months for

ZyWeb TimeSaver

ZyWeb TimeSaver

MyWeb can offer you an exciting alternative.

Let us build your site.ZyWeb Builder is designed to be easy for everyone to use but there are times when you may not have the time needed to get your website up and running. Going to a Web professional, however, can lock you into their services every time you want to update or modify your pages.

We will build your initial site for you using our range of templates and online tools and deliver a fully functional and working website. We can take your photographs, text and ideas and convert them into a high-quality site that you can be proud of. And then we can give you the online tools to update and modify your site yourself.

Our packages are built around ZyWeb Business accounts and so you will receive 30MB of web space with no monthly data transfer limits and a fully-featured version of the ZyWeb Builder. You also get your own free Domain Name and email redirects.

We then construct a quality 8-page website (more pages are available at an additional charge) for you and publish this to the Web – handing over the complete ZyWeb Business account and filestore for you to continue updating and modifying the site.

The total price for this ranges from US $995/ UK £705/ EU €1,146* and that includes unlimited usage of the ZyWeb Business account for a FULL 12 MONTHS.

Additionally, you can have interactive features such as backend database integration and mailing list management, guestbooks, message boards, live chat and PayPal merchant account services – for a quotation simply fills in the form below, listing your Site’s requirements.

* All prices are set and charged in US Dollars. UK and Euro pricing are approximate and may fluctuate with the exchange rate. (In the UK ZyWeb Business charges exclude VAT.)

ZyWeb Personal

ZyWeb Personal

Are you looking to build your own personal website?

ZyWeb Personal is the ideal solution if you want to publish your own personal or club web page on the Internet. You can publish a high-quality Web Site in minutes and without the need for technical or graphic design skills. With 20MB of Web Space and no limit on the amount of data transferred each month you are sure to create a hit.

The benefits of ZyWeb Personal

As with all of our services, ZyWeb Personal can be accessed from any web browser as often as you like. Just imagine creating your website at home and being able to update it whilst you are on holiday. Pop into a cybercafe, scan in your photos and let the relatives share your experiences immediately!

ZyWeb makes keeping your website fresh and up to date so easy.

What do I get with ZyWeb Personal?

  • The use of our award-winning ZyWeb Builder to create web pages in simple step-by-step stages.
  • A wide range of fully customizable page design templates.
  • Built-in a photo editor, web graphics toolkit and online page builder
  • 5 email addresses with automatic forwarding.
  • A massive 20 Mbytes of web space with no data traffic limits
  • The ability to upload and publish web pages made with other tools.
  • Use of the ZyWeb Filestore to store private files securely
  • Our user-friendly banner ad maker
  • Free submission of your pages to 10 Search Engines and Directories.
  • A Trial of Xara Online Modules which include advanced button bars, moving text and photo animations.
  • Priority email support.

ZyWeb Personal is a very popular service and can be accessed at any time from anywhere there is an Internet-connected web browser such as a computer, web TV or cyber café.

For the just US $7.95/ UK £4.95/ EU €7.45 per month, you can build yourself or your club a professional-looking website. Sign up now and start building today!

Sign up for a year at just US $79.95/ UK £49.95/ EU €74.95 and get 2 months for free.