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5 Reasons Why Gay Dating Can Be A Challenge In The 21st Century

5 Reasons Why Gay Dating Can Be A Challenge In The 21st Century

The gay dating world is a never-ending emotional roller coaster, especially in this day and age. Regardless of your age, location and aspirations dating just seems to be impossible nowadays, leaving all of the hot young men dumbfounded when they can’t find anyone to settle down with.

1. Too Many Options:

There are numerous amounts of dating apps out there that you’ve signed up for a full-time job the second it’s successfully downloaded on your phone. It’s almost impossible not to have a million matches once you have a profile going, giving you multiple opportunities to meet much more men than you would have on a daily basis.

If you keep setting up multiple dates with different people, it will be hard to know if you’re settling once you decide to stick with one person because the perfect match and person could just be one swipe away.

2. All About Hooking Up:

Sex has always been a big part of the gay world and dating scene, but there have always been relationships that have formed before hooking up occurs. Nowadays you can download an app just for hooking up, which everyone is on because why not get sexual with someone with no emotional connection on a daily basis?
Seems a lot more convenient than getting attached and going through the motion of the efforts of what a relationship is really all about.

3. Too Judgemental:

Everyone is on their high horse revealing all of their accomplishments and posting every single time they’ve been successful. These unrealistic postings have created even more unrealistic expectations someone demands for their partner whether it be about their looks, careers or location that limiting their dating pool to almost nonexistent.

The more things you have on your checklist, the harder it will be to fall in love with an actual person rather than an ideal perfect man you’ve drawn up in your head.

4. Based On Looks:

Physical attraction is a part of gay dating and the majority of the time the first reason why someone wants to pursue somebody else, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that person has to offer. In the gay dating world, it’s all about fitness and physique, but to this day it’s to the extreme of who can post the most scandalous pictures and show off their body and the most social media platforms.

It’s hard to know if someone likes you if everyone is always focusing on one another’s body and physical appearances instead.

5. Hard To Commit:

It’s almost impossible to get someone to commit to you nowadays when you could be considered cheating with a swipe of your finger. Creating a dating profile is a little too easy and having hundreds of eligible bachelors pop up on your screen every time you have doubts has become second nature. People assume that just because you have problems with one person means you won’t have any with another which is completely false.