The ultimate guide to getting teen ass snapped to you!

The ultimate guide to getting teen ass snapped to you!

Ass. Ass. Ass. It is all about ass right now. It seems that it doesn’t matter how big your titties are, it is all about that ASS.

This generation has an obsession with booty. And I don’t mean a minor passion, I mean an internet-breakingly-large obsession. Kim K broke the internet with her ass (arguably multiple times). Anything is impossible with an ass.

While there is no shortage of ass on the internet, you might need a little ass on your phone. And while strange booty is excellent, sometimes you get tired of asking Who booty is it? So, why not try to find some more familiar booty instead? Some close to home booty, some girl-next-door booty? Because sometimes mystery booty just isn’t enough. I think we can all agree that booty is great regardless of who booty it is, but I think we can all agree that ass pics from someone a little more familiar are infinitely better. Sometimes you’re tired of gettin’ some strange via PornHub or CamSoda, and you need some familiar booty.

If you find yourself needing a little bit of vitamin A(ss), then you should definitely follow these tips (who knows, maybe you’ll find someone lacking in a little vitamin D if you know what I mean).

1. Hit up your contacts

When you’re hunting for pics of that sweet, sweet teen body, you might not have to search much further than your contacts. Sometimes the people who are willing to share the booty with you are the people who are the most familiar to you. So why search far and wide via porn, when you can shoot a few texts and be met with juicy teen booty.

Start by being flirty to a cute girl in your contacts. You can’t just immediately ask for the booty… you have to work for the booty. And believe me, any booty pic that’s sent directly without any effort is not worth it. A girl with a good booty will make you work for it, so prepare to meet her needs. Those needs might be sexting, some dirty talk, or maybe a little pic or two in return. To parse out what this girl wants and give it to her, so she’ll give you what you most desire: the booty.

2. Slide into the DMs

Okay so maybe your contacts turned up a little dry. However, the internet is crawling with considerable booty. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve thirst followed a few people on Twitter or the ‘gram in hopes of getting some attention in return.

So why not take a chance and slide on into their DM’s? I’d slide into the DM’s of people who’ve followed back first. Because if they followed back, they probably think that you’re cute too!

3. Follow Porn Accounts/Fan Accounts

So sometimes the people you know aren’t going to give up the booty immediately. Until you can get some seriously familiar booty, you should give your favourite porn stars a follow. Or follow a fan account that posts plenty of booty pics. Just make sure that your coworkers or parents aren’t constantly keeping up with who you’re following… otherwise you might get busted because of the booty.